Eccentric provide the tech, expertise and infrastructure that puts their Clients in control of their payments and recon needs across the South African payment gateways landscape. They chose GLU as a solution to enable them to integrate quickly and more cost effectively than their existing approaches.

January 22, 2022Use Cases for GLU.Ware continue to expand within Eccentric


Founded in 1998, Ecentric is a leading payment services provider in South Africa. Their one-stop, omnichannel payment solutions are used by clients across Southern Africa, including most of the major retailers. Their solutions cover in-store and online payments processing, as well as efficient back-office administration and reconciliation systems. In 2020, Ecentric were awarded a contract to process all the forecourt payment and loyalty transactions for a major oil and gas company in South Africa. The project required a migration from the incumbent provider and Ecentric were looking for a new way to solve the integration challenges that the solution required. Specifically, they were looking for a solution that would allow them to integrate quickly and far more cost effectively than their existing approaches.


GLU.Ware is a No Code, Bank-grade, Enterprise Integration Platform.


Bespoke integration code is expensive to build and even more so to maintain. GLU.Ware eliminates the need for developers to be involved in integration projects. Rather, through a powerful, feature-rich, cloud hosted GLU.Console, Ecentric Analysts are able to configure the required integrations directly from the detailed design. The GLU.Console also allows Analysts to ensure compliance with global standards and solutions. The output from the configuration work on the GLU.Console is a GLU.EngineTM – the actual integration component. GLU.Engine’s are downloaded into the Ecentric network where they are deployed behind the Ecentric firewall and within their Security and DevOps controls. This architecture facilitates an explicit segregation of functional duties between the GLU.Console configuration domain and the Ecentric execution domain where the GLU.Engine’s reside.


This segregation resonated very well with the Ecentric Security and Risk Management teams. GLU.Ware has been architected from the onset to be the fundamental enabler of cost-effective integrations that Ecentric was seeking.


Ecentric required a solution that would:

a) radically cut the implementation time and cost for this particular migration project,

b) establish a framework that could allow Ecentric to achieve these objectives in other projects,

c) ensure Ecentric is not reliant on expensive third party software professional services. GLU.Ware, its commercial structure, and the team from GLU proved to be the perfect fit for Ecentric’s requirements.


Ecentric achieved the time to deliver requirements for their forecourt loyalty integration at a price point that was extremely attractive. Their teams are well progressed in achieving their self-sufficiency requirements – already running the maintenance and expansion of the loyalty solution for their client.
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