GLU is working with two categories of Partners:

Distributor Partners lead the business development, contracting and implementation of GLU solutions typically in specific geographies.

Solution Partners rebrand the GLU offering within their own (OEM) solution stack to improve overall value and profitability of their offering.

GLU's Partners

Partners typically have specialised solution and service offerings. They are seeking ways to increase revenues and margins, to reduce their dependency on headcount for growth and to move up the consulting value chain. With GLU they are able to optimise their integration approach, increase margins and shorten delivery times while improving Customer satisfaction. Get in touch with us to discuss being a GLU Partner.
Credit-Insight Analytics (CIA) provides Insights & Solutions for Credit Institutions using Analytics, Statistics and Practical Experience. CIA has partnered with GLU in offering the GLU.DE - Decision Engine to the market.
Slivermoon provides customer-centric insurance administration solutions. LUNOS partnered with GLU in the development of the GLU.AID GEAR which was instrumental in delivering Covid related food aid during 2020.
Breakpoint offers a range of specialist technology services covering infrastructure, storage, cloud, monitoring and testing. Breakpoint are the longest standing GLU partner having collaborated on numerous client solutions.
MobiWand is at the forefront of mobile payments, with its product and service offerings. Mobiwand has partnered with GLU to accelerate the activation of the Mobiwand platform to new markets.
Saratoga is a leading solution delivery provider. Saratoga has partnered with GLU to include GLU.Ware in their toolkit and to build a pool of trained GLU.Ware Analysts that can be contracted directly by GLU Clients.
Software Group delivers digital financial services with their Digital Banking Platform and customer-centric digital solutions. They have partnered with GLU to leverage GLU.Ware within their technology stack.
Briisk automates the complete insurance value chain, at a lower cost and higher speed than legacy systems, with the Briisk Instant Transaction Platform (ITP). Briisk have partnered with GLU to accelerate their market expansion.
Petricor Digital Technologies Limited is a purely Nigerian and Pan-African company operating out of Lagos, Nigeria. They have partnered with GLU to help them engage, empower and transform businesses, with innovative secure digital solutions and services.
Market Activation

Accelerating time to Market

GLU.Ware is able to help Business Solution Providers across industry verticals (FinTech, AgriTech, EduTech, MediTech etc.) with the ability to:
- Reduce the complexity of building integrations
- Fast-track time to market and improve market competitiveness
- Reduce project risk and cost overruns
- Keep Dev teams focused on core Product innovation
- Use their own Integration Analysts to self-serve their integrations

Independent Referral Agents

Since GLU.Ware is applicable across industries, GLU works with independent referral agents that are deep experts within their industries. We are always keen to see GLU.Ware adding value to Customers in new industries so get in touch if you'd like to discuss being a GLU Agent.
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