GLU.AID - Relief at Speed

Born out of the Covid-19 crisis and the need for solutions to the food security challenges, a collaboration of development organisations, technology organisations and retailers built a not-for-profit, interoperable, agnostic Digital Aid platform.

April 15, 2020 6:00 pm

GLU delivers a not-for-profit, interoperable, agnostic Digital Aid platform

The need for speed hit home when media images emerged of the queues that formed almost overnight in the wake of the food scarcity and physical food distribution approach that was initially adopted. A digital solution became immediately self evident.


Other than the social impact of this initiative which is very close to our hearts, we are delighted with the ‘strategic win’ which has proven the GLU.Ware USP – we stood up a platform capable of delivering the capability to fulfil the first round of requirements within 3 weeks and delivered a feature rich version 2 supporting the expanded requirements within 9 weeks.


Without GLU.Ware at the heart of this initiative, this level of agility and time to market would have been impossible.


Link to the Mthunzi Story

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