Following a rigorous market assessment and due diligence process, GLU Global’s flagship No Code Enterprise Integration Platform, GLU.Ware, was selected as the right tool to fulfil Flash’s needs.

June 22, 2018Flash is continuously expanding their use of GLU.Ware

The need ...

Flash provides innovative point-of-sale technology and business support to retail locations and entrepreneurs, primarily in the informal market. By providing business owners with the means to sell value added services to their customers, Flash creates touch points for virtual products in informal communities. This represents an opportunity for people to save time and money they would otherwise be spending on transport to reach formal retailers. With hundreds of thousands of physical locations, the Flash network is now the largest of its kind in Africa.


The 2020 lockdown led to an increased demand for Flash services, and to opportunities for Flash to not only expand its offerings in existing markets but to also expand its footprint to new markets. Prior to the lockdown impact the business was already scaling fast and the incumbent, bespoke built integration approach which was technically aging and was proving to be increasingly brittle (inflexible) was a growing concern for the Flash CTO. He realised that a modernisation of their integration layer would be critical to Flash’s long term business objectives.


A broad assessment of off-the-shelf licensed, SaaS and even bespoke alternative offerings commenced. Flash was looking for a long term, strategic partner with a technology offering that would future proof the Flash technology stack while bringing the flexibility, speed and affordability that the Flash business could rely on to ensure their continued spectacular growth.

The fit ...

GLU.Ware is an Integration Platform that is based on the principle of configuration over code. Bespoke integration code is expensive to build and even more so to maintain. GLU.Ware eliminates the need for developers to be involved in integration projects. Rather, through a powerful, feature-rich, cloud hosted GLU.Console, Flash Analysts are able to configure the required integrations directly from the detailed design. The GLU.Console also allows Analysts to ensure compliance with global standards and solutions. The output from the configuration work on the GLU.Console is a GLU.Engine – the actual integration component. GLU.Engine’s are downloaded into the Flash network where they are deployed behind the Flash firewall and within their Security and DevOps controls. This architecture facilitates an explicit segregation of functional duties between the GLU.Console configuration domain and the Flash execution domain where the GLU.Engine’s reside. This segregation resonated very well with the Flash Security and Risk Management teams.


GLU.Ware has been architected from the onset to be a fundamental enabler of the Business Agility requirements that Flash was seeking. Flash required a solution that would:
a) radically cut the implementation time of new integrations and of implementing changes to existing integrations,
b) enable a level of flexibility that would support Flash’s micro-service architecture roadmap and the associated micro-service orchestration requirements, and that would
c) enable Flash to become rapidly self-sufficient with low overhead or impact on existing teams and structures.


GLU.Ware’s No Code capabilities, its commercial structure, and the Integration Specialist team from GLU proved to be the perfect fit for Flash’s requirements.

The impact ...

Flash has so far deployed over 40 GLU.Engines that are inter-connected in a micro-service like integration fabric. The Flash team is fully self-sufficient such that GLU only provides guidance where needed on integrations or changes that the Flash team performs. This provides Flash with both the ability to self-manage their entire integration domain while also having the advantage through the GLU partnership of an external ‘peer review and sounding board’ for all integration activities going forward.


GLU’s promise of a significantly more flexible integration methodology has exceeded expectations. Additionally, the ease of configuration reduced the time to iterate through configuration, build, and test cycles. As a result, through the first phase of adoption of GLU.Ware, Flash has successfully migrated all its integrations over to GLU.Ware. Flash plans to expand its use of GLU.Engines as micro-service integration orchestrators in line with their micro-service architecture plans. Additionally, new Flash service offerings will be technically facilitated by means of integration using GLU.Ware.


The Flash Technology strategy is to remain internally lean, to outsource where possible or to find solutions that enable existing team capacity to be up-skilled and leveraged to maximise individual contributor value. Due to the low additional ‘overhead’ on IT teams which underpins the GLU methodology, GLU.Ware has been found to be an excellent fit strategically for Flash.


Flash is now able to bring to market new lines of business with speed and at a price point that supports the business case from the outset. The GLU.Ware commercial model enables product lines that do not perform within expected timeframes to be terminated without incurring a material capex loss or risk. Those that are successful can be retained and the win-win upside of successful new product lines works for GLU and Flash equally.

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